Health Coverage for PhiDE Student Members
Marcy McWethy, Pearl Insurance
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Often overlooked by undergrad and graduate students alike, acquiring your own health insurance can be essential in certain students’ cases. You may find you’re not covered at all under your parents’ plan due to loopholes in the system (further explanation below). If you have coverage on your own, you may discover that your plan is severely lacking in your specific health situation, causing you unnecessary financial strain. Or, you may simply have no coverage at all, hoping to get by until a future employer offers health insurance. Regardless of the situation, take the time to review your health insurance options—it’s better to plan for the worst with health coverage in place than to take your chances without it.

Typical student situations
For many students, most health plans can appear too expensive or confusing and because of this the matter is put aside until later—but an unexpected event or illness may present itself in the meantime. And if you don’t have your own policy in effect because you’re covered under your parents’ health plan, do you know how well it will protect you in the event of an unexpected illness or accident? Are you outside of their HMO or PPO area? Will you soon have to acquire your own coverage because of your age or dependency status? Many universities require their students to have health coverage, but you may decide you don’t want to participate in the school’s sponsored plan due to the expense, lack of coverage, or products to choose from.

PhiDE can help
If for these or any other reasons you become aware that you need to acquire your own health insurance plan, Pearl’s PhiDE Member Insurance Program may be able to help. PhiDE Member Insurance products and benefits are designed specifically with PhiDE members in mind so you can focus on what’s important: LIFE!

The PhiDE Member Insurance Program offers economical coverage and customized plans. Through PhiDE, you can secure portable coverage that stays with you even if your situation changes, as long as the group policy remains in effect, you pay your premiums when due, and maintain your PhiDE membership.

Customized plans for students
In response to student PhiDE member requests, the PhiDE Member Insurance Program now offers a Health Insurance Brokerage Service with access to over 100 medical plan designs. This service gives you access to licensed insurance agents who collaborate with a variety of nationally recognized, highly rated insurance carriers to ensure you have the best possible health plans to choose from. They will persist in finding you the most reasonably priced, high-quality plan you can take with you wherever you go.

As a student, you can custom-tailor a health insurance program to meet your needs. This coverage is portable, so you can take with you even if you change your career path or no longer attend school. With PhiDE’s Health Insurance Brokerage Service, you can also take advantage of the following features:
  1. Lifetime benefits up to $8,000,000, depending on plan selection and state
  2. Choice of deductibles and coinsurance options
  3. Wide variety of plans and features including Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Health Savings Account (HSA) Qualified Plans, and more
  4. Prescription Drug Coverage option
  5. Dental coverage available with some plans
  6. Wellness benefits available
  7. Direct Billing options available
  8. 24-hour service Nurse Healthline, Inc. provides health assistance and information
The Pearl and PhiDE Member Insurance Program advantage
This excellent program is not only designed to benefit you, PhiDE’s members and alumni. Pearl’s PhiDE Member Insurance products also help attract new members, build member loyalty, and increase member retention—which in turn allows PhiDE to remain as strong an organization as it was when it was founded more than 100 years ago.

We identify with PhiDE’s motto of “Deeds Not Words,” and hope that you will take a look at the valuable packages Pearl Insurance has available through PhiDE’s Member Insurance Program. These products are truly designed to protect you, and we provide you with quality service and planning assistance to back them up.

For more information about Pearl’s Health Insurance Brokerage Service, visit If you have questions on any of the products from the PhiDE Member Insurance Program, please visit our PhiDE website at If you have questions and would like to speak with a Customer Service Representative, feel free to call us directly at 866.809.5175. We look forward to building a solid future with you!